Elias Lipp

Age: 19

Role: ADC

Favorite Champion: Kai'Sa

Upset made the move to Origen after a successful 2019 with Schalke 04 going 9/9 in the LEC Spring Split and 11/7 in the Summer Split. Upset’s contributions to the team earned him a spot in the 2nd All-Pro Team in LEC Summer 2019.

The 19-year old talent will be taking on the role of ADC in Origen and will be looking to continue his monstrous performance for the team going into 2020 Season. Called a young prodigy by many, Upset is one of the most talented players in LEC.

"I'm happy to have found my place in Origen ahead of the LEC in 2020. I like the way the organization prepares us in terms of maximizing performance. It's like nothing I've experienced in any team before." - Elias 'Upset' Lipp.

Fun fact: Upset once asked a referee if they could pause a match because his foot was asleep.