Alphari's mouse comes to life: New episode of 'Mic Check'

The team is spooked when Alphari's mouse suddenly gets a life of its own in the brand new episode of Origen's 'Mic Check'. 

Origen tied for 1st place in LEC

In Week 4 of the LEC, Origen faced two great teams: Mad Lions and Excel Esports. Our team came out victorious in both encounters and is now in a three-way tie for 1st place in standings together with G2 and Misfits. 

New Origen Series: Mic Check

Every week, the Origen Mic Check will bring the highlights from the weekend games - from the players’ perspective. For fans and outsiders, the conversation before, during and after games might not be quite what is expected.

Coach Comments: Rogue and G2 in Week 2

Week 2 of LEC Spring 2020 is coming, and this time our boys at Origen are up against some of the strongest League of Legends forces in the world: Rogue and G2. But even in the face of a great challenge, our Head Coach, André Guilhoto, keeps his cool.

19th February

New episode of 'Mic Check' out now

17th February

Origen tied for 1st place

17th February

New Origen Series: Mic Check

17th February

Andre Guilhoto comments on Rogue and G2 match-ups

Origen is a legendary League of Legends team that was revived by Astralis Group in 2018 and is one of Riot's ten partner teams competing in the LEC.

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